Matt Kemp, Carlos QuentinOh, this was a good one.

Zack Greinke has a broken collarbone, Carlos Quentin is facing a suspension, and the Dodgers and Padres will get to have Round 2 of this madness Monday night when the two teams meet again.

But apparently Matt Kemp didn’t want to wait that long. The Dodgers outfielder, who was a big part of both times the benches cleared Thursday night, carried the brawl into the parking lot after the game. Kemp had been buzzed by a pitch earlier in the game, and he didn’t take kindly to Quentin charging the mound and taking down Greinke.

Kemp reportedly had angry words for Quentin in the parking lot before the two were separated.

Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times gives a little more detail, reporting that, as Quentin walked out, Kemp told him, ‘We’ll see, [expletive].”

Indeed, we will. Mark you calendars for Monday night.

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