Nationals Give New Sideline Reporter, Julie Alexandria, Gatorade Shower First Two Nights on Job (Video)


Julie Alexandria‘s first two night on the job covering the Nationals for MASN have been wet ones.

No, rain hasn’t been on the forecast, but Gatorade has. Alexandria has had the unfortunate luck to cover back to back one-hitters at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

She happened to be standing next to Gio Gonzalez when he received his Gatorade shower after a one-hitter on Thursday night, and it almost seemed like the sideline reporter was the target for the Gatorade dump Jordan Zimmermann earned for his efforts on Friday night.

Alexandria was a good sport on both occasions, but we have a feeling this may grow old (and cold) over time. Check out the Gatorade showers in the videos below.

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