If you’re standing in line a day ahead of time to try to gain entry to Round 1 of the NFL draft, presumably you’re pretty knowledgeable about the players who might be taken. Well, apparently that isn’t actually the case.

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel struck comedy gold when he sent a correspondent to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, asking attendees what they think of bands who don’t actually exist. Taking their cue from the late-night program, the guys at FootballNation.com thought they might try the same thing with potential attendees of the NFL draft.

In much the same vein, their “reporter” stops to ask those in line at Radio City Music Hall if they have heard of players like Curvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson‘s nonexistent brother), Mike Hawke and Buster Highman. The results, predictably, are hilarious.

Check out all the football fans too proud to say “I don’t know” in the video below.