NFL to Mandate Cameras Installed in Locker Rooms, Replays of Important Plays on Jumbotron

by NESN Staff

April 3, 2013

Gillette SSEver wonder what goes on in an NFL locker room during pregame and halftime? Well, now fans have the chance to find out.

In an effort to keep butts in the seats at stadiums around the country, the New York Times is reporting that the NFL will be installing cameras in all home team locker rooms starting next season. The footage from those cameras will be played in the stadium on video scoreboard monitors as a way to give ticket-buying fans a unique perk over those who choose to watch the games from their couch.

The cameras will be mandatory, not optional.

The league will also mandate video replay of important plays on the stadium Jumbotron. Plays like fumbles, scoring plays and catches on the boundary will be shown, even if the video is not in favor of the home team.

The push for exclusive video content within stadiums speaks to the league’s concerns about not being able to fill the stands. As television broadcast quality gets better and better, fans may become more likely to stay at home as opposed to braving the elements and paying high prices for tickets to attend a game live.

Because the video will only be available in the stadium, the league hopes it will offer enough of an incentive to get fans to attend games live.

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