Nike Honors Kobe Bryant With ‘Surprise’ Ad That Encourages Comeback (Photo)

The big question when Kobe Bryant went down with a ruptured Achilles’ tendon was whether the 34-year-old would endure a lengthy, painful rehab, or whether he’d call it quits after already talking of retirement as he neared the end of his current Lakers contract.

Nike has let its preference be known.

The company unveiled a new ad campaign as the NBA playoffs began this weekend, using an image of Bryant and listing a few of his gutsy accomplishments before calling on him to “show us again.”

Bryant called the new ad a “surprise,” saying he was “touched” by the gesture — and he promised, via hashtag, that a comeback was indeed in order.

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Check out the full ad in the photo below.

Kobe Bryant ad

Photo via Twitter/@MySportsLegion

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