Ohio State Mascot Brutus Gets Leveled During Spring Practice by Linebacker (Video)


Someone forgot to give poor Brutus a black non-contact jersey.

Ohio State’s mascot took a snap from shotgun at the Buckeyes’ Student Appreciation Day and got leveled for his efforts. Brutus didn’t see any receivers open, so he took off to his left to scramble for a first down. Perhaps it was a lack of depth perception caused by the Brutus head that caused the mascot to miss linebacker David Perkins charging towards him.

Fortunately Brutus popped up with some assistance from Perkins. This comes during the same spring that Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller has got nailed a few times by Buckeyes defenders despite wearing his black non-contact jersey. It appears Ohio State is ready to hit some quarterbacks in 2013 after going undefeated last season and having nothing to show for it.

Watch Brutus get drilled in the video below.

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