Patrick Kane Becomes Spokesman for Car Service App Despite Alleged Altercation With Cab Driver in 2009


Patrick KaneIrony, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, is “Incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result.”

One would hope that Patrick Kane realizes the irony of his newest business venture.

Back in 2009, during the NHL offseason, Kane was in Buffalo, N.Y., when a cab driver informed him that he didn’t have the 20 cents to make change on a $13.80 ride. What happened next is a matter of dispute, but the 20-year-old Kane was accused of beating the 62-year-old driver around the head and neck. He was arrested for the incident and eventually plead guilty to disorderly conduct, with the assault charges being dropped.

So, flash forward to 2013, as Kane is now the spokesman for Uber, a smartphone app that allows you to book local car services.

“On the ice, Patrick Kane is busy dominating shoot-outs and helping his teammates battle for another Stanley Cup,” reads Uber’s blog-ad. “Off the ice, he trades in his skates for sneakers and loves to hit up some of Chicago?s best spots with friends, just like everyone else.  His preferred method of transportation? Uber, of course!”

We have no idea if Uber picked Kane just because he’s a well-known Chicago athlete, or if they were actually trying to play on the 2009 incident. If it’s the latter, it might be kind of funny. If it’s the former, someone in advertising clearly didn’t do their homework.

Photo via Twitter/@Deadspin

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