Phil Kessel; Dean MortonPhil Kessel made headlines Monday, quite frankly,  by not saying anything. The Maple Leafs forward dodged the large pack of hockey media following Toronto’s practice, and that caused quite a stir.

The Leafs were back at practice Tuesday, and this time around, it was Kessel making news by talking — although not really saying much. The soft-spoken Kessel was his typical reserved self, not offering much other than cliches for the handful of questions he took from reporters.

The only time Kessel really showed any real hints of emotion was when his scrum first started, when he addressed the backlash that came with his decision not to speak with reporters Monday.

“You guys don’t talk to me that much during the year and you need me yesterday?” Kessel asked. “I didn’t think it was that big a deal … you guys made a bigger deal about it than it is.”

From there, Kessel answered a few questions with short cliches, clearly just wanting to get everything done with. See what he had to say in the video below.