Kris HumphriesThose commercials where nobody wants to be Kris Humphries‘ friend or dress like him? They’re hitting pretty close to home now.

Humphries’ fashion sense is more than just a barb for a Foot Locker commercial — it could also be the reason the Nets player is set up for a financial hit, TMZ reports. Humphries bought “thousands of dollars in designer threads” at a Beverly Hills suit shop at a discount price, promising that he would provide the shop with more NBA clients if they gave him a price cut, according to the report.

Humphries hasn’t followed through and is now being sued by the shop, according to TMZ.

Scott Hill says Humphries and then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian approached him a few years ago to provide clothes for Humphries. Hill suggested a 30 percent discount in exchange for bringing two NBA players to the shop within the next year — just to browse, with no purchase necessary for Humphries to complete his part of the deal.

Humphries agreed and bought $46,000 worth of clothes with the discount, but he never brought other NBA players to the store, Hill says. Hill also says Humphries still has $6,000 in bills he hasn’t paid.

Now, is Humphries just lazy, or could he not find two friends? Poor Kris Humphries (pun intended).

Photo via Facebook/Fox 11 Los Angeles

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