Bud SeligDenied in its request to obtain documents related to the Biogenesis clinic from the Miami New Times, Major League Baseball has reportedly resorted to purchasing them.

According to The New York Times, the commissioner’s office has paid for information related to Biogenesis from a former employee of the clinic. Meanwhile, the newspaper cites unnamed sources who claim that at least one baseball players has also purchased documents with the intention of destroying them.

According to the report, multiple players have attempted to purchase documents to keep them out of the hands of MLB investigators. These sources say that MLB felt it was necessary to pay for the documents to prevent players from buying and destroying them.

Back in January, the Miami New Times released a report linking multiple baseball players — including stars Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun — to the Biogenesis clinic, and performance-enhancing drugs. However, since MLB has no power to subpoena any information, it has likewise been frustrated to punish players who have not tested positive under its own PED tests.

Baseball had asked the Times for the records it obtained, but the Village Voice-owned publication declined. Baseball then sued half a dozen people connected to Biogenesis, apparently in an attempt to get access to information undisclosed publicly.

Though there appears to be nothing illegal about MLB, a private organization, paying for documents, some have speculated whether it could hurt their legal case down the road.