Rick Pitino Freaks Out, Ducks for Cover After Fireworks Go Off in Louisville Celebration (GIF)


It’s all fun and games until someone spooks the senior citizen.

Rick Pitino, 60, usually looks pretty spry on the sidelines, but the now-Hall of Fame coach added to his reputation of being old school after his Louisville Cardinals won the national championship Monday night. As Pitino went to shake Michigan coach John Beilein‘s hand after the game, fireworks went off in celebration. Pitino was jolted by the sudden explosion, ducking his head and instantly providing a GIF that would usurp all other great championship game GIFs.

In Pitino’s defense, the fireworks were pretty loud, and he’s not crazy to think that tomfoolery could have been going on after the game. He managed to keep it together for the most part, and him getting unnerved only makes his expression when he finally gets to shake Beilein’s hand that much more priceless.

Check out the shining moment of GIFs below.

Rick Pitino

GIF via Twitter/@Jose3030

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