Sidney Crosby Shows Off New, Toothless Smile, Unsure of How Many Teeth He Lost (Video)

The face of the NHL is finally the face of hockey.

Sidney Crosby, who took a puck to the kisser last month, finally showed off his toothless smile in a PensTV interview, as pointed out by Puck Daddy.

Crosby, said “it’s just one of those things that happens” and that he’s “not too worried” about his teeth anyways.

Asked how many chompers he actually lost and how many teeth he’s had replaced, Sid the Kid was unable to answer.

“I think down the bottom it’s three of four,” when asked which teeth and how many he had lost. “The top — I got new tops but I don’t know what’s left of those. I really don’t know what I lost or what is going to be saved.”

Check out the video below.

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