Barry Bonds Says He Was Better Than Miguel Cabrera, Notes ‘I Was the Best on the Field’


BONDSMiguel Cabrera is generally accepted to be far and away the best pure hitter in baseball right now. However, perhaps the greatest (and most controversial) hitter of all-time is making sure that you remember he was better.

Major League Baseball’s single-season and career home run king, Barry Bonds, granted a rare telephone interview to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, and took the opportunity to compare himself to Cabrera. While Bonds does give the 2012 Triple Crown winner some due respect, he is making it clear who the better player was.

“I don’t try to compare me to anybody,” said Bonds. “I was the best on the field. I did more things than he did. My game was different than his game. So comparing him, to me, there’s no comparison.

“He doesn’t have my MVPs. He doesn’t have my numbers. Well, not yet, anyways. But does he have that ability? Yes, he does. Does he have that gift? Yes, he does.”

All that being said, Bonds isn’t completely dismissing Cabrera’s accomplishments. In fact, he gives Cabrera a lot of credit for his achievements thus far in his career.

“He’s definitely the best [right now],” said Bonds. “It’s not rocket science here.

“He’s the best. By far. Without a doubt. The absolute best.”

Bonds even professed an admiration for Cabrera.

“I love that young kid, I really do,” Bonds said. “If he can stay healthy, and keep accomplishing what he has already, he’s got a chance to have everything I did.

“If he gets there, and has the kind of career I did, hey, I’ll be the first to say: ‘Now, you got it all, brother, you got it all.'”

We should all be so lucky to have the approval of Barry Bonds.

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