Danica Patrick and Brad Keselowski, who have exchanged their share of chippiness on and off the track during the Sprint Cup series, collided with each other during Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600, sending both drivers’ cars from the course.

But the far more interesting point is not that Patrick bumped Keselowski, who absolved her of blame after the race and did not bring up previous hard feelings (he’s the guy who said she is “someone that hasn’t won races or proved that she is competitive”).

It’s that the driver who sent the dominoes tumbling — and wrecked Patrick’s day — was none other than Patrick’s beau.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who has been dating Patrick for the past several months, finally did what all racing fans have been wondering will happen when he bumped Patrick’s car, sending her into the wreck. It wasn’t much more than a nudge, but considering the ensuing wreck and Patrick ending her hopes of finishing high, the two may be feeling some tension now that their relationship has hit its first on-track test.

Neither Patrick nor Stenhouse spoke to the media after the race.

Check out the wreck in the video below.

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