Brandon McCarthy has self-awareness rarely seen from a professional athlete.

While filling out a sheet with the instructions “Please write down some songs you would like to hear during batting practice,” McCarthy showed off his ever-present sense of humor. Some of the best “songs” he listed were “Kottonmouth Kings’ cover of Angel by Sarah McLachlan,” “Ying Yang Twins (DEEP TRACKS ONLY)” and “Happy Birthday – Sung by Lindsey Lohan impersonating Marilyn Monroe.”

Please refrain from making any comments about how “maybe McCarthy should concentrate more on pitching and less on being funny” based on the starter’s struggles to open the season. To that, we would have to point out how much you hate fun.

Really, the only way to fully appreciate the list is by checking it out below. Thank you, Brandon McCarthy, for always making us laugh.

BLJDb-FCYAAhT3nPhoto via Twitter/@BMcCarthy32