Dwyane Wade’s ‘Fashion Consultant’ Planned Out All His Outfits for Playoffs Ahead of Time


Dwyane WadeAs Dwyane Wade‘s fashion sense has gotten more, um, daring, it has become fair to wonder what sort of material his more garish outfits are made out of.

Now we know: Bulletin-board material.

Wade gave the Pacers some extra motivation for the Eastern Conference finals when Calyann Barnett, described as Wade’s “fashion consultant,” went on ESPN Radio and said the Heat star has planned out all his outfits for the playoffs — even for the NBA Finals. If that isn’t something that should fire up Paul George and the Pacers, we’re not sure what is.

“Before the playoffs even started, we went through all of [Wade’s] looks,” Barnett said, according to Business Insider. “And every look is set already … and I already know what he will wear for the next game and the Finals.”

OK, so Wade thought ahead and lays out his clothes the day before, like a lot of us do. That makes sense, until you consider that this entails at least 14 planned outfits the rest of the way, for the conference finals and Finals, and 28 outfits total at the beginning of the playoffs.

Unless, of course, Wade has planned for less than seven per round, because he does not expect any series to go the distance. In which case, Wade’s fashion plan definitely belongs on a wall in the Pacers’ locker room.

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