He had delayed long enough. A nameless NBA fan had been out of college for three years, and he decided it was time. After “a few drinks,” he sent a letter to the NBA declaring himself eligible for this year’s draft and requested the necessary paperwork to make his eligibility official.

“As an upstanding young man who is 25 years young, I meet the requirements for eligibility,” he wrote, according to Reddit. “I was born on January 3rd, 1988 and I graduated from the University of Miami (FL) in 2010.”

The mystery man actually got a personal letter from the NBA offices, and the response was not entirely bad. While the fan was told he is not eligible for the upcoming draft, he was informed that he has been a free agent pretty much since he graduated from college, and therefore can sign with whichever team he pleases.

We can only assume the Knicks sent him a separate letter informing him they might be interested in signing him in about 12 years.

Check out the NBA’s response below.

Andy Traub letter

Photo via Reddit

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