Ruben Guerrero Calls Floyd Mayweather Jr., ‘the Woman Beater,’ Tries to Start Scuffle at News Conference (Video)


For years, Floyd Mayweather has beefed with his father so it’s actually kind of heartening to see Floyd Mayweather Sr. arguing with someone else.

This coming Saturday, Mayweather Jr. will put his 43-0 career record on the line against challenger Robert Guerrero. Both fighters train under their fathers, adding some family intrigue to the match.

Likewise, about eight months ago, Mayweather Jr. concluded a 90-day prison sentence for his involvement in a domestic violence incident with the mother of his children. So, for Robert’s father, Ruben Guerrero, the pre-match news conference seemed like the perfect time to remind everyone of that crime.

“We’re going to beat up the woman beater,” Ruben Guerrero said at the MGM Grand. “He must’ve learned that from his old man. He beat up his wife right in front of his kids.”

Even after that, everything was fine up until the staged stare-down, when Robert Guerrero began exchanging words with Mayweather’s entourage. At that point, Mayweather Sr. physically approached Ruben Guerrero, and the two nearly fought each other.

“That right there could’ve happened, but I wasn’t going to let that happen,” said Mayweather Sr., according to the Los Angeles Times. “The guy was saying, ‘Hit me here, hit me here.’ It ain’t no promotion. This is real, real as it comes. He tells me to hit him in the jaw. I’m not going to. I don’t fight no more, but I still know how to use my hands and they would’ve called these things concealed weapons.”

In a measure of incredible irony, Mayweather Sr. was originally asked to stay off the stage by his son, specifically for the fear of an incident occurring.

Check out a video below of Mayweather Jr.’s portion of the news conference. And, if you’re so inclined, you can see the near-fight on YouTube here, which contains adult language.

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