Filomena Tobias Gets Big High-Five From Fellow Miami Fan After Flipping Off Joakim Noah (Video)


The legend of Filomena Tobias continues to grow.

The Miami fan drew attention this week after she celebrated Wednesday night’s ejection of Chicago’s Joakim Noah by raising her middle finger in his face as he left the court. Tobias soon acquired quite a bit of fame on the Internet, and the story only got juicier when it was discovered that Tobias has a pretty ridiculous background.

Well, if you’ve been waiting for more on Tobias, we’ve got you covered. Video from the TNT broadcast of the play that got Noah ejected shows that Tobias continued her moment of awesome after Noah disappeared into the tunnel. With other Miami fans cheering on Tobias’ finger skills, she turned around and high-fived a bro in the stands.

Check it out in the GIF below, courtesy of Guyism, or see the full video below that, with a hat tip to Business Insider.

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