George Washington University Unveils New Basketball Court Design With Capitol Building, Monuments (Photo)


Head-shaking legends abound of Americans who cannot name the country’s founders or say what the nation’s capital is.

While that’s a matter for history classes to correct, George Washington University is at least doing its part to help people make the geographic link between its school and the man after whom it is named.

The school released an image of the new design it is planning for its basketball court at the Charles E. Smith Center on Monday. As well as the hardwood, navy blue coloring and the now-requisite hashtag, the floor also has some nice art of some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

It’s both a nice touch and very, very intentional, to help people connect that George Washington University is, indeed, in Washington, D.C.

“[The design] further emphasizes our campus setting in the heart of D.C.,” director of athletics and recreation Patrick Nero said in a news release. “When people around the world are watching our games, we want them to immediately recognize and understand the university’s unique setting in the middle of the action in this world-class city.”

Here’s hoping everyone knows who George Washington was. (He was the president, OK? First president of the United States.)

Check out the new court in the photo below.

George WashingtonPhoto via Twitter/@ESPNCBB

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