Giants Fan Dives Over Fence, Grabs Fair Ball As Pants Fall Down, Realizes Mistake, Gets Thrown Out (Video)


Any one of the events that make up this clip would be worthy of celebration. Thanks to one not-so-bright Giants fan, however, there’s four for the price of one.

A Giants fan was escorted from Thursday night’s game after he lunged over the left field fence and scooped up a live ball that had bounced into the dirt for a sure double in the ninth inning. But the fan didn’t just lunge — he full-out fell onto the field, exposing his boxers and then crawling, wheelbarrow-race-style with his legs propped on the fence, until he scavenged the ball.

The fan, thrilled with his new treasure, jumped up, raised his arms and started celebrating. When he turned to his right and saw a chagrined fellow fan with his hands on his head, though, he realized his mistake and quickly chucked the ball back onto the field.

But a security guard was already on his way, kicking the fan out of the game for interfering with play — or was it public indecency?

Check out all the fun in the video below.

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