Ham Porter of ‘The Sandlot’ Makes Appearance at Rangers Ballpark, Still Looks the Same (Photo)


Admit it, you’ve desperately been wondering what Patrick Renna‘s been up to. Who’s Patrick Renna, you ask? Well, perhaps you know him best as Ham Porter, the chunky catcher of the team in The Sandlot.

The Sandlot was his film debut, but Renna’s stayed in low-profile acting since, most recently doing some work in The Practice spinoff Boston Legal (Renna himself is a Boston native). However, Renna recently made an appearance in Texas as his old character, and it appears he really hasn’t changed at all.

The Rangers held a sleepover at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington over the weekend for about 2,000 fans, inviting them to set up their sleeping bags on the outfield grass. Besides the fun of sleeping under the stars in a big league stadium, The Sandlot was shown on the jumbotron, and Renna and the film’s director, David M. Evans, showed up in person to take part.

While Renna may be 34 years old now, it seems he still looks exactly the same as he did as a kid. Check out an image of him at the ballpark with two attractive young women below.

Ham Porter

Photo via Twitter/@kid_KB

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