Jacoby Ellsbury Too Talented Not to Pull Out of Slump, Become Game-Changer Red Sox Know He Can Be


Jacoby EllsburyBaseball is a funny game.

While other sports have demanding schedules that can span over a long period of months, there’s not much that can measure up to the day-in, day-out grind of baseball. It can be difficult to stay focused 162 games each and every time, but it’s something that best in the game can learn to adapt to.

That’s not just about ballplayers, though. Everyone around the game has to find ways to stay fresh and keep loose during what can often feel like a long season. When working on the field with the Red Sox or in the booth with the likes of Jerry Remy, however, the time tends to go by a little bit quicker.

What’s the best thing about always being with the team?
–Tyler Maheu

I would say relationships with the players and coaches. Once they realize you are there day in and day out, you seem to gain a familiarity with them and it seems to increase year by year. Getting to know each person’s personality as well as knowing him well helps formulate your in-game perceptions and calls as well as knowledge of situations that others may not know.

How long have you been in the broadcasting business? If you hadn’t gotten into broadcasting what would you be doing?
–Tracey Tavares-Mayer

This is my 23rd baseball season. When I graduated from Northeastern University I started in Single-A ball with the Pittsfield Mets in the New York-Penn League. I spent two seasons in Pittsfield and then moved up to Double-A Binghamton in the Eastern League. From there, I spent five seasons in Pawtucket, R.I., with the PawSox at Triple-A, and then I went to Boston in 2001. Also, during the winters from 1991-1996, I did Springfield Indians/Falcons AHL hockey. Not entirely sure what else I would have been doing. Maybe public relations.

Did you ever take voice classes?
–Jonathan Edson

No, but I wish I did. So many in our profession do and I never did. Northeastern provided me with lots of communication skills but I really wish I had some sort of voice training. I know it takes spring training to kind of build up and then I seem to stay level into August when sometimes I think it affects my voice. I think had I been properly trained there, it would strain less late in the season.

Are the Red Sox going to continue the way they’re playing after the All-Star break? 
–Ruperto Perez

I think so. As I said last week I am pleasantly surprised by this edition of the Red Sox. I think I underestimated how good this team could be. They are deep and their pitching has given them the opportunity to be in the mix all season. I am excited about what lies ahead.

Which Red Sox player needs to step it up the most offensively?
–Evan Gadarowski

Jacoby Ellsbury I guess would be the obvious choice. I know he will play better in the coming weeks. I think some people feel he is putting too much pressure on himself in a contract year and maybe he is. He is far too talented of a player not to hit and do all the things he does that can instantly change a game. It is just a matter of time, I believe.

Favorite Jerry Remy moment?
@ZachDonegan via Twitter ‏

That is easy. We always wear golf shirts in extreme heat places late in the summer, but we had a producer who decided that we should be dressed more formally even in high temps. So Jerry decided to take it the max and got a tuxedo to wear for the entire game. I could not even look at him during the open without cracking up.

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