Joakim Noah Bird-Flipping Woman, Filomena Tobias, Has History of Lurid, Bizarre Behavior


Joakim NoahInternet, you can officially meet Filomena Tobias.

Tobias made anonymous waves online early on Thursday after being photographed giving the Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah her middle finger after he was ejected from Wednesday night’s playoff game against the Miami Heat. By midday Thursday, Tobias had been identified by name, and the story only gets better.

Though she was never officially named as a subject, Tobias was at the center of a five-month police investigation and much public speculation in connection with the death of her fourth husband, CNBC commentator Seth Tobias. Police closed eventually closed the case, finding no evidence of foul play in Seth Tobias’ death, but much attention was paid to the fact that Filomena Tobias inherited her husband’s $25 million after being cleared.

Believe it or not, that story gets even more bizarre on its own.

Seth Tobias’ brothers, who were named as the recipients of the estate in an outdated version of his will, sued Filomena Tobias for that estate. However, much of their case rested on the word of William Ash, Seth Tobias’ former assistant, a convicted felon and known associate of infamous Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss. Ash was said to be working as a gay prostitute shortly before the death.

Beyond the death of Seth Tobias, there are other stories of bizarre behavior. Most notably, Filomena Tobias reportedly once tested her husband for cocaine use by placing her mouth over his nose and sucking, in an attempt to detect cocaine residue.

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