Manny Ramirez ‘Moonwalks’ Out of Batter’s Box to Delight of Taiwanese Media (Video)


The only thing that Manny Ramirez and Michael Jackson likely have in common is unbalanced brain chemistry. Dance moves? Not so much.

Ramirez continues to tear up the Chinese Professional Baseball Leagues, with seven home runs on the season to date. However, he continues to receive as much attention for the things he does outside the lines (or, in this case, inside the lines, then outside the lines) as his play on the field.

Recently, Ramirez fouled off a pretty typical inside fastball but lost his balance in the process. He backpedaled hard to catch himself, taking maybe a dozen steps backwards.

To the Taiwanese media, Ramirez aggressively backpedaling recalls the King of Pop’s famous “moonwalk” dance move. We’re not so sure there’s much of a similarity, but you can decide for yourself (or just enjoy the bizarre spectacle that is eastern broadcast media) by watching the video below.

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