Losing in five would have stunk. Watching James Reimer let through a few more goals after his rough beginning to the postseason would have hurt. Seeing the team’s first trip to the playoffs since 2004 end in the first round was going to be painful enough.

But the Maple Leafs had to do this to their fans. They had made the Bruins look more than underwhelming in Game 5, then again in Game 6, and then had them down 4-1 deep in Game 7 on the Bruins’ home ice.

For anyone looking for the most painful way possible to lose, this was it. The Leafs not only choked up a third-period lead but also gave up two goals in the final two minutes after the Bruins pulled their goalkeeper, letting the B’s push it to overtime then finish running over them 5-4.

In a demoralizing night for all Toronto fans, the most devastated had to be those who filled Maple Leaf Square to watch the game on a big TV screen. They cheered every Toronto goal, but they were also there when things started to go very badly late in the third.

After Patrice Bergeron put the cherry on top with his final, game-winning goal in overtime, the square was a mix of fans bolting the area as fast as they could and the ones who remained, shellshocked, staring at the screen.

Check out the video below to see Maple Leaf Square after the final goal was scored, with some fans hanging their heads in dejection, others leaving in disgust and others staying glued to the screen in disbelief.

This video shows a view from above as the final goal is scored, including people scattering like ants to get away from the loss as fast as they can (check in around the 4:45 mark).

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Oh, yes.

Patrice Bergeron, Nathan Horton

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