New Vikings Stadium Has See-Through Roof, Will Host Other Sports and Not Collapse Under Snow (Photos)


VikingsWhen the Vikings set about building a new stadium for their football team and other local sports, they had a few basic criteria they needed to fulfill.

One, it would be preferable if this stadium did not collapse under the weight of snow, of which Minnesota gets quite a bit. Second, it needed to be enclosed in some way, so that many types of sports could be played within year-round. Third, it needed to be cool and fancy enough to warrant its $975 million price tag — especially since it was using public funding.

The new stadium, which has yet to be named, does all that and a little bit more.

Opting to forgo an expensive retractable roof for unique glass roofing and sides, the new Vikings stadium is unlike any other playing ground out there. It has the world’s largest transparent roof as well as 95-foot-tall pivoting doors at the west end that open toward downtown. The stadium, which can seat 65,000, was designed by the HKS architectural firm, which also fashioned Cowboys Stadium, Miller Park, Lucas Oil Stadium.

The stadium is supposed to open in 2016 on the very site where the Vikings’ current home, the Metrodome, now sits, meaning next year will be the Vikings’ final go in the current space. They’ll spend the next two seasons at the University of Minnesota.

Check out a video “fly-through” of the new stadium below, then jump into the photo gallery for shots from all angles.

Click here for photos of the new Vikings stadium >>

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