Quincy Pondexter’s Husky Puppy, Buckets, Is Cutest Thing on Internet, Way More Interesting Than Grizzlies-Spurs (Photos)


The Grizzlies may be having a hard time hanging with the Spurs in the Western Conference finals, but if the playoffs for some reason become an Instagram competition, Memphis will win in a landslide.

That’s because Grizzlies guard Quincy Pondexter has perhaps the cutest pet in the history of organized sports in his Husky puppy, Buckets. Pondexter first brought Buckets to the public’s attention when the dog accompanied him to practice, and he’s since started a Twitter feed so Buckets can communicate with the rest of the world.

After Memphis played poorly in its 105-83 Game 1 loss Sunday, the Grizzlies may be looking at a quick beginning to their offseason. If it’s an offseason filled with pictures like this, though, Pondexter and his fans may not have much to disagree with.

Check out some photos of Buckets (he even gets to drive a Porsche!).

Buckets Pondexter

Buckets Pondexter 2

Buckets Pondexter 3

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