Raffi Torres Smashes Jarret Stoll With Hit That Has Some People Thinking Suspension (Video)


It’s been just a year since Raffi Torres got himself suspended for 25 games (eventually reduced to 21 games) for a nasty hit on Marian Hossa in the playoffs.

Torres has since cleaned up his act, talking about player safety and avoiding the suspension spotlight. That changed Tuesday night, though, when Torres — now with the San Jose Sharks — laid a hit that could draw further punishment.

Torres popped the Los Angeles Kings’ Jarret Stoll hard Tuesday, with camera replays making it difficult to tell whether Torres just clipped Stoll’s shoulder or got him in the head. Torres got a two-minute minor for charging, but since he has a history of questionable hits and suspensions, the league could be swift to punish him further.

Check out the hit in the video below.

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