Tim TebowThe Broncos had high hopes for Tim Tebow‘s NFL career when they decided to take him in the first round in the 2010 draft. Now, it could be over.

The New York Jets released Tebow in April, and, after passing through waivers unclaimed, his hopes of playing in the NFL again are slimming by the day. Members of his inner circle are even privately admitting that his NFL career may be over, according to David Fleming‘s profile in an upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine.

“Even now, after Tebow cleared waivers unclaimed and with members of his camp privately admitting that his NFL run is probably over, the football world remains as divided as ever over him,” Fleming writes.

Tebow has struggled to acclimate himself to the NFL game and is still viewed as a below-average quarterback by many around the league. His inability to pick up the “mental” aspects of the game, which Fleming also highlights, likely played a big role in that slow development, too. Some league talent evaluators remain unimpressed with Tebow as a quarterback, so much so that even his miraculous 2011 season, which made him into the iconic figure he’s become, didn’t do it for them.

“He’s not a quarterback,” one scout said in Fleming’s piece. “When you look at his run two years ago, when you watch the tape and break it down, he wasn’t really doing anything that impressive. He’s a tough guy, a great leader, a great person. But he isn’t a good enough quarterback to have all the distractions that come with him.”

The NFL may not have a place for him now, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t make a return at some point in the future. Doug Flutie did it after a stint in the CFL, and the Montreal Alouettes do own Tebow’s rights, after all. You know, just some food for thought.

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