Richard Sherman Hires Ref Who Blew Call in Monday Night Seahawks-Packers Game to Umpire Charity Softball


Lance EasleySay what you will about Richard Sherman, but the outspoken cornerback has a sense of humor.

Sherman hired Lance Easley to umpire his charity softball game on July 7, according to the event’s Facebook page. Easley, for those who don’t recall, is the NFL replacement referee who blew the simultaneous catch call in the Monday Night Football matchup between the Seahawks and Packers.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Easley get the biggest ovation at the game, which will take place at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, Wash. The Seahawks famously won that game 14-12 off the blown call, which awarded a touchdown to Seattle’s Golden Tate rather than an interception to Green Bay’s M.D. Jennings.

The Facebook page says “Don’t be surprised if a few flags are thrown.” Hopefully Jennings shows up and Easley rules all of the Packers safety’s catches as hits.

For the sake of attendees, lets hope there are no infield fly calls during the game. It could take hours for Easley to get that call right.

Photo via Facebook/Richard Sherman Softball Game

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