Rocco Mediate Says Tiger Woods Snubbed Autograph Request to Commemorate 2008 U.S. Open (Video)


The 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines Golf Course was perhaps the greatest major in the history of golf. The famed Tiger Woods and journeyman Rocco Mediate battled for 72 holes, then needed another 19 more on Monday to decide the tournament. Woods won while toiling on a broken knee that had him limping and wincing on almost every swing.

For most people, sharing such a moment would create a lifetime bond — except for Mediate and Woods, it looks like.

In an interview with The Golf Channel’s David Feherty, Mediate says that not only have he and Woods never discussed the latter’s most recent major win, but Woods actually snubbed his request to commemorate the tournament. According to Mediate, at the 2009 Players Championship just more than a year later, he sent a photo and note to Woods asking for a personalized autograph. However, what he got back was nothing more than a generic signature, with no mention of their epic battle.

“Why wouldn’t he just go, ‘Roc, you suck, you got lucky for six days. I had a broken leg’ … just mess with me, and then sign my pin sheet so I could put the damn thing on the wall and say, ‘Almost got the guy that day,'” Mediate said. “I could go buy one of those pictures if I want one.”

Mediate says he actually threw the picture away and otherwise hasn’t spoken with Woods. He’s just the latest colleague to accuse Woods of being less than friendly, after Sergio Garcia flatly said he doesn’t enjoy playing in the same group as Woods at this year’s Players two weeks ago.

Check out Feherty’s interview with Mediate in the video below.

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