Tom Wilson Loses Blade of Skate, Has to Crawl and Flop Back to Bench (Video)


If it weren’t for those ill-fated contests at intermission that invite fans down onto the ice for this or that, we’d likely forget just how slippery an everyday rink is.

Capitals right wing Tom Wilson found out the hard way Sunday when he was suddenly stuck with just one blade to try to work himself around the ice.

Wilson had just laid a hit when the blade of his left skate popped off, leaving him trying to stumble along. He tried to use his one skate, pushing with the bladeless foot, to get himself to the bench, but that soon proved too difficult as well, as he fell to his knees and did his best animal-in-distress crawling motion toward the Washington bench.

It was quite the awkward moment for the Capitals rookie, who was appearing in just his second playoff game.

Check out Wilson’s highlight reel — complete with the sound of the skate coming off — in the video below.

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