wallyLove ’em or hate ’em, mascots are a staple at nearly every ballpark, stadium and arena nowadays.

While some are just downright ridiculous (looking at you, Slider), others have become a large and important part of their teams’ identities.

Forbes released its annual listing of the most popular mascots in the four major sports on Wednesday, and Boston was the only city with two representatives in the top 10.

The rankings, based on a complex survey that factors in likability, awareness, photo-friendliness and several other criteria, placed Pat Patriot in the No. 2 spot, with Wally the Green Monster following at No. 10.

Chicago’s Bennie the Bull — who has not had much to cheer about in the team’s most recent series — tops the rankings by leading in the “likability” category, while legends like Mr. Met (No. 3), the Phillie Phanatic (No. 4) and the San Diego Chicken (No. 6 despite no longer being affiliated with a team) also snagged spots on the list.

Photo via Twitter/@Wally97