World’s Most Ridiculous Bloody Mary Keeps Brewers Fans Coming Back for More (Photo)


Nothing “cures” a hangover better than a stiff Bloody Mary (so I’m told), but one bar in Fond du Lac, Wis., has supercharged the famous breakfast cocktail into more than just a hair-of-the-dog vessel.

O’Davey’s Pub & Restaurant, located an hour away from Brewer Park in Milwaukee, put together the ultimate Bloody Mary for Brewers fans who had a little too much fun the night before. The “drink” was first built by owner Dave and bartender Sarah Jayne, according to and costs just $5. Sorry folks, it’s only available once a month.

Atop the vodka and tomato juice concoction sits popcorn, pickles, sausages, tortilla chips (with cheese) bacon, peanuts, beans, string cheese, pretzels, sliders (with cheese), crackers and a cheese curd. And a Brewers pennant, of course.


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