Meeting a member of the New York Yankees is probably a bucket list item for many people, so it’s pretty incredible that one fan has met two of them — 93 years apart.

Bernando LaPallo, a 111-year-old Yankees fan, visited Yankee Stadium on Saturday and met manager Joe Girardi and captain Derek Jeter on the field before Saturday’s game against the Red Sox. LaPallo said it was “one of the greatest sports days” of his life.

LaPallo said he first attended Yankees games at the old Hilltop Park when he was 9 or 10 years old. He fondly recalled meeting Babe Ruth, who called LaPallo his “youngest admirer.” At 111 years old, LaPallo now must be among the Yankees’ oldest fans. While there is some debate about LaPallo’s actual age given the fact that he doesn’t have any documentation from his birth in Brazil, if he’s 111 or 101, it’s impressive either way.

Hear LaPallo recall meeting the Great Bambino in the video below.