Aaron HernandezIf you’re having flashbacks to 1994, it’s natural. Game 7 of the NBA Finals is on Thursday night and there is a helicopter following a white SUV possibly driven by an NFL player.

Aaron Hernandez left his North Attleboro home in a white Audi SUV, according to Ted Daniel of FOX 25. FOX 25’s helicopter followed Hernandez as the tight end drove away and followed him to Gillette Stadium. Hernandez got out of the car and jogged into the building.

The helicopter is still circling around the Gillette Stadium parking lot, locating the player’s car and attempting to shoot inside the building. There was a report from Steve Silva of Boston.com that Hernandez will be arrested in connection with the North Attleboro murder investigation.

On Wednesday night, a report surfaced from FOX 25 that Hernandez was with the victimOdin Lloyd, the night of the homicide. Hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect in the case, according to FOX 25.

To watch the helicopter live stream, click here.

Photo via Twitter/@Nick_Underhill