Bill Cowher Reportedly Involved in Car Accident in New York City, Careens Into Scaffolding

Bill CowherBill Cowher, known for his hard-hitting Pittsburgh Steelers teams, was delivered a blow on Sunday. The former coach was involved in a car accident while driving on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Cowher was driving north on Park Avenue in a black Mercedes when he was cut off by a woman driving a Ford Fusion trying to turn left on 92nd St., according to the New York Daily News. Cowher hit the vehicle before careening off the road into some scaffolding. Although construction debris did fall, no one was hurt in the accident.

“With how banged up that car is, it’s amazing no one was really hurt,” Jim Conner, who witnessed the accident, told the New York Post.

However, some details of the accident remain unclear. DNA Info indicated that Cowher was a passenger in the car, and his Mercedes have rear-ended the other vehicle. The Post and Daily News, meanwhile, say that Cowher was driving.

In any case, there were no serious injuries, and Cowher was seen laughing while talking on the phone in a picture posted with the Post’s story online.

Photo via Twitter/@Deadspin

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