Charlie Manuel, 69 Years Old, Says Umpire Bob Davidson, 60, Is ‘Getting a Little Old’


Charlie ManuelGrowing old is a difficult thing to deal with, but it seems that Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is in complete denial about his senior citizen status.

On Tuesday, the Phillies beat the Marlins 7-3 thanks to John Mayberry‘s 11th-inning heroics. However, up until that point the big play of the game was an apparently botched interference call by umpire Bob Davidson against Phillies outfielder Ben Revere.

Davidson claimed that Revere grabbed the legs of Marlins second baseman Dan Dietrich while sliding past the base, which would constitute interference. Replays, however, showed that Revere did no such thing, but he was called out, anyway, on the back end of a double play.

Revere had his say to the media after the game, and the Philadelphia faithful had their say to Davidson for the rest of the night. Manuel, however, absolutely got the most humorous comment in about the blown call.

“Bob’s kinda getting a little old,” said Manuel.

The comment is hilarious because Manuel, 69, is almost a decade older than the 60-year-old Davidson. Don’t tell that to Manuel, however, who would probably say he’s still a kid at heart. Regardless, he may not be playing the kid’s game, but he’s still managing other kids playing it.

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