Chicago Tribune Rips Out ‘We Are Bruins’ Part of Touching Boston Marathon Tribute in Hockey Special Section (Photo)

Not cool, Chicago. Not cool.

The Chicago Tribune made one of the most touching tributes to Boston after the city was rocked by the Boston Marathon bombings a couple of months ago. The paper ran an image on the front of its sports section saying “We are” with the logos of the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and Revolution.

With the Chicago Blackhawks now facing the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Final, however, what was once a perfect gesture now appears to have left some people conflicted.

The paper ran a special hockey section this week, and it used the image again. But this time, the part where the Tribune proclaims “We are Bruins” was shown being ripped off.

An expiration date on goodwill, perhaps? What, did they not think a Boston team would ever have to play a Chicago team again? (Our Top 10 chronicles well over a century of intertown scuffles.)

Boston Magazine let its feelings be known on the matter and said it got an email back from a Tribune spokesman.

“We’ve received some complaints about today’s sport commentary feature called ‘The Main Event’ in our hockey special section,” the spokesman said. “No disrespect to Boston was intended, and we regret that some readers were offended. Our original sentiments of support for Boston and the victims of the recent bombing still stand. The commentary meant to underscore the intense, but friendly, rivalry between the Bruins and the Blackhawks on the eve of the NHL championship series.”

This will rile Bostonians up, for sure, but still, nothing is going to beat the Toronto Stronger misstep. Some Chicago Stronger T-shirts were made, and you can check out that company’s defense here.

Check out the revised sports section in the photo below.

Chicago Tribune

Photo via Twitter/@WeAreBruinsFans