Doc Rivers Goes After Bill Simmons Again, Says He ‘Kind of Ruined the [NBA Draft] Broadcast’


Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons won’t be getting drinks together any time soon in their new shared hometown of Los Angeles.

Rivers and Simmons are in a bit of a feud right now after Simmons, an ESPN writer and on-air contributor, blasted Rivers for leaving Boston to become the new head coach of the Clippers. During Thursday night’s ESPN coverage of the NBA draft, Rivers got his chance to fire back with Simmons right there.

“I would like to call him an idiot, but I’m just too classy for that,” Rivers said on the ESPN broadcast.

Awkwardly, the telecast shifted back to the ESPN set at the draft where Simmons was sitting at the end of the desk.

“The truth keeps changing,” Simmons said. “I mean he’s given different quotes about this. … When he sticks to his story, I’ll believe the truth.”

You might have thought that they would just leave it at that, but Rivers was asked about the ongoing feud Friday morning on The Dan Patrick Show. Rivers didn’t really hold back when revisiting the situation.

“Bill is a fan,” Rivers said. “Is he qualified to do the NBA? We can debate that all day. But Bill’s a fan. I get that. Not a friend of mine or fan of mine, and he never has been.

“I just rarely respond, I don’t do it very often, but I had enough of that. I thought it kind of ruined the broadcast last night because he kept bringing it up. It was almost like he had an agenda and I was just getting tired of it.”

Here the entire interview by clicking here.

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