If Eva Longoria was not such a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs, well, that would make a lot of sense. For those of you not versed in pop culture or otherwise living under a rock the last five years, Longoria’s high-profile marriage with the Spurs’ Tony Parker ended with allegations of cheating.

However, it seems that not only is Longoria still a Spurs fan, but she’s openly rooting for them as they take on the Miami Heat in this year’s NBA Finals. A few days ago, Longoria tweeted her support for the Spurs and indicated that she’s actually been a San Antonio fan her whole life, long before she met Parker.

Then, during Thursday night’s Game 1, which the Spurs took 92-88, Longoria made an official series prediction.

Clearly the most hilarious part of Longoria’s support for the Spurs, however, came from Dick Vitale. In this case, everyone’s thinking the same thing, so it need not be said. Unfortunately, the longtime basketball analyst just had to ruin the joke for everyone, telling Longoria just how great her ex-husband is after Parker made the game-winning shot with time winding down.

While Vitale has been known throughout his career for his loud-mouthed predictions, this time it’s his keyboard that probably needs to get toned down.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Tony Parker