Father’s Day Brings to Mind Some of Sports’ Greatest Father-Son Duos (Photos)


Father's Day Brings to Mind Some of Sports' Greatest Father-Son Duos (Photos)As long as there have been sports, there have been men playing sports — and passing on their knowledge and love for the game to the next generation.

The Norman Rockwell-like image of a father teaching his son how to grip a bat or toss a spiral extends all the way to the professional leagues, where plenty of players can look back on a father’s influence in helping them develop as athletes.

But just because someone’s father reached the top of his sport doesn’t mean that the son is guaranteed the same success. Many sons of famous athletes have to deal with the extra expectations that come with their fathers being sports legends.

Throughout history, though, a few sons have to risen to the same prominence as their fathers, etching their own name in sports without upstaging the cachet that their fathers’ names still hold. See who made our list of the best father-son duos in sports history.

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