Flo Rida Supports Manager Getting Ejected Along With Jeff Pendergraph, Norris Cole in Heat’s Victory Over Pacers (Video)


Despite six exciting and closely contested games throughout the Eastern Conference finals, the Pacers just couldn’t bring it Monday night in Miami. Indiana fell 99-76, sending the Heat on to the NBA finals to face the Spurs.

But while the game lacked excitement at points, it wasn’t completely devoid of the drama and chippy play that was present in the rest of the series. Jeff Pendergraph laid a hard screen on Norris Cole late in the fourth quarter, and the shoving that ensued led to both players being booted from the game.

They weren’t the only ones shown the exit early, though. The tussle also enveloped the manager of rapper Flo Rida, who could be seen jawing with Pendergraph near the Indiana bench.

Eventually, security came over to tell Flo Rida’s manager to calm it down — and Flo Rida himself backed them up when they went to remove the troublesome spectator.

“It actually was Flo Rida’s manager who was ejected,” TNT’s Craig Sager said, as reported on Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie. “He and Pendergraph had been going back and forth. He got to be such a distraction that the officials came over and tried to eject him. He wanted to stay put. However, Flo Rida said, ‘You’re my manager, but you’ve got to get out of here now.'”

With all the chatter about the Pacers possibly pulling off a Game 7 win in Miami, it was a night for the unusual — but, thanks to Flo Rida, cooler heads ended up prevailing.

Check out the play that led to the ejection below, with the TNT crew showing what happened with Flo Rida’s manager in the video below that.

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