Jaguars Announce $63 Million in Stadium Upgrades, Raising Fans’ Hopes That Team Won’t Move to London (Photo)


The Jaguars are getting fancy with their home playing turf, announcing plans Wednesday to add $63 million worth of improvements to EverBank Field.

The announcement had some Jags fans thinking that this could be the end of all the recent chatter about the team playing as much as half of its season in London. But judging by the description of what the improvements to the stadium will be — giant video boards and an enhanced viewing area — it looks like the Jaguars may just be making it nicer to watch games in Jacksonville, whether the football team is there or not.

The team will provide $20 million for the upgrade, with the city chipping in the rest. The main feature will be huge video boards in each end zone, measured at 55 x 301 feet — the “largest of their kind in the world,” according to the announcement. That means the video boards, side-to-side, will be longer than the football field they’re broadcasting.

The stadium will also be getting a new entertainment and viewing area in the north end zone, for which several thousand seats will be removed to build. It’s expected to be a Jacksonville attraction even on non-game days, for top-tier parties and such.

One can’t help but wonder if those giant video boards and the enhanced viewing area make it just as fun to watch the game on a screen rather than on the field directly below — which would work out well if for some reason (ahem, London) the team didn’t play all its games on the field below.

This is just poking fun. Surely, the Jaguars will stay in Jacksonville and continue to provide quality football for many years to come.

Check out the planned improvements in the photo below.


Photo via Twitter/@Jaguars

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