Jose Iglesias’ Recent Success ‘Amazing’ As Shortstop Continues Mission to Stay With Red Sox


Jose IglesiasWhen Will Middlebrooks returns to the Red Sox lineup after a stint on the disabled list, Boston will have a tough decision to make.

What will the Sox do with Jose Iglesias? While the youngster’s career numbers in the minor leagues are not impressive, the shortstop-turned-utility man has raked at the big league level in 2013 to the tune of a .434 batting average.

That hot bat — in addition to his usually sterling defense — is making it difficult for John Farrell and the Sox to justify sending Iglesias back down to the minors. That means it could be Pedro Ciriaco, and not Iglesias, who is called into the manager’s office for some bad news once Middlebrooks is healthy again.

Check out what Don Orsillo had to say about Iglesias and more as he empties out the mailbag.

What are your thoughts on Iglesias and his recent success after being called up? Does this keep him here long-term?
— Neal Wesloski

It is amazing, and I am happy for him. He is a great guy who has worked very hard on his offense. We have always heard if he could hit, even a little, he would be an everyday player in the majors. He started the season hot and then went down where he was not hot and struggled. Now he is back and on a mission to stay. I think now that he has performed at third, he will stick on at the very least as a utility player.

I know that Fenway is your favorite park to announce at, but which is your least favorite to announce in and why?
— Ruth Gray

The Washington Nationals’ booth. It is a beautiful ballpark, but the broadcast booth location is the highest by far in the majors. It is extremely difficult to manage depth perception from that height. I imagine their announcers get used to it over time, but visiting there once every three or so years is hard. Great view of the Capitol building, but not so much of the game.

If you had to pick one current Sox player to build a franchise around, who would it be?
— Jack Golesworthy ‏

Dustin Pedroia.

How many ties do you own, and who picks them out?
— Gus Ross

I have around 300, and I generally pick them out. As Jerry Remy has mentioned on the air a few times, I never wear them more than once a season. I started that tradition in 2001 for no apparent reason and have stuck to it. I know — I am odd.

What is your nickname?
— Flash Santiago

Since I was about 8 I have always been “Donny-O” to friends and family.

Will the Sox be in first place at the All-Star break?
— Fred Swan

I think they could be, but they are in a really tough part of their schedule with Texas, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Detroit over the next couple of weeks. I am still pleasantly surprised by how good and deep this edition of the Sox is.

If you could relive the career of a MLB Hall of Famer, who would it be and why?
— John

Cal Ripken Jr. I love the way he played every day and how he carried himself in the majors for as long as he did. He really is someone you can easily look up to on many fronts.

What did you feel like the first night announcing without Jerry Remy?
— Little Vivian

It is always strange, especially since I have worked with him for the past 13 years. However, I have done a great many games with Dennis Eckersley over the years, who is also a friend, so it is very comfortable.

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