Kobe Bryant’s Parents Issue Apology for Putting Lakers Star’s High School Memorabilia Up for Auction


Kobe Bryant SpotlightWhen all is said and done, family is family, right?

It seems as though Kobe Bryant‘s parents wish to let bygones be bygones after they gave a number of jerseys, rings and other items from Bryant’s high school basketball career to an auction house to sell. Pamela and Joseph Bryant have apologized publicly in a statement for being part of the whole affair.

“We regret our actions and statements related to the Kobe Bryant auction memorabilia,” the statement said. “We apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we may have caused our son and appreciate the financial support that he has provided to us over the years.”

Apparently there was a pretty big misunderstanding between Bryant and his parents, as the Lakers star didn’t take very kindly to his high school memorabilia being put on the market. He filed a lawsuit against Goldin Auctions to block the sale and expressed his frustrations with his family on Twitter.

Goldin Auctions filed its own lawsuit against Bryant, claiming that it had already paid Pamela Bryant an advance of $450,000 for the items. Bryant and the auction house recently reached a settlement of an unknown amount, putting an end to the public family drama.

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