Lenny DykstraLenny Dykstra is a bad man.

There are few people who seem completely beyond redemption, but the former Phillies and Mets outfielder is probably among them. Remember, this is a guy who was not only sued several dozen times (all by different business partners) for basically being a con man who never made good on his business deals, but once allegedly borrowed $23,000 from his own mother that he didn’t repay when he said he would. Dykstra also freely used the racial slur “spearchucker” in an interview with ESPN’s Mike Fish.

As it turned out, that ESPN profile, which first ran on ESPN.com in April 2009, was the beginning of the end for Dykstra. While most of the people “Nails” ripped off will probably never see the money they’re owed, all that litigation finally caught up with the false-prophet financial genius. It also didn’t help that — beyond all the bad business deals — Dykstra ransacked a mansion that had been taken from him in bankruptcy proceedings, stole a car and was charged with exposing himself to women he met on Craigslist.

The grand theft auto charge was what finally did Dykstra in, as he was sentenced to three years in California state prison for the crime after pleading no contest.

However, now it appears that, as bad of a person as Dykstra may actually be, he’ll be released early from prison. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dykstra is set to be released Sunday, after serving 15 months of that three-year sentence.

“I was surprised they let him out before the three years, to be quite frank with you,” said Christopher Frankie, who wrote Nailed: The Improbable Rise and Spectacular Fall of Lenny Dykstra. “Because he blatantly disobeyed the court, and a lot of the stuff was very brazen. He was doing it in the full view of law enforcement.”

We’ll see what Dykstra does after his release, and if he’s learned his lesson. However, if there’s one person that probably doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, it’s Lenny Dykstra.

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