Ever since his Los Angeles Lakers had an abrupt and early exit from the NBA playoffs, Metta World Peace has had to look for something to occupy his time.

On Thursday night, he got the chance to take over Comedy Central’s Twitter stream during Game 1 of the NBA finals between the Heat and the Spurs. He was not kind to the Heat early on, when they were “getting [run] out of Florida” by the Spurs, who he said were “kicking out the tenants” at AmericanAirlines Arena. World Peace gradually got nicer to the defending champs, although he stuck with the real estate theme for the entire night.

World Peace managed to get philosophical and work in some topical references as well. He apparently wants to party with Charles Ramsey, the man who discovered three kidnapped women and a girl in a house in Cleveland. He also thinks Ramsey would be a great NBA coach. We hear the Lakers are looking for one.

Check out the Twitter comedy, courtesy of World Peace, below.