The Boston Bruins were expected to play for a Stanley Cup with Jarome Iginla, after a deal at the trade deadline seemed all but a certainty. It turns out the Bruins will be playing for a ring, but Iginla won’t be with them.

That’s because he was a member of the vanquished Penguins, after some 11th-hour wheeling and dealing sent him to Pittsburgh instead of Boston. That was a move that didn’t sit too well with some Bruins players, including forward Milan Lucic.

“When a guy chooses another team over your team, it does light a little bit of a fire underneath you,” Lucic said after the B’s capped off a sweep of the Pens with a 1-0 win. “Fortunately, we were able to turn it into a positive more than a negative.”

See what else the Bruins winger had to say in the above video.